Friday, 22 September 2017

Free Flow Friday

Every Friday afternoon, we open up all the kindergarten classrooms (including the outdoor play area) for the children to discover, have fun and play all together.

'Trains' of Rods of Equal Length

In maths, we were looking at finding Cusenaire rod 'trains' that equal one another in length.
We're beginning to draw the equal-length trains, and to use the = sign.
Sometimes there's lots of different ways to make the same length 'train':
Made on the nrich website

Thursday, 21 September 2017

World Peace Day

Today was International World Peace Day. So, to be part of it, we brought in stones which we painted today.
We read The Peace Book.

 Then, we thought about our ideas about peace and wrote them on the stones with some decoration.

Transport Trip to Toulouse

On Tuesday we headed up to Toulouse to experience first hand a variety of transport networks. The children really made the most of the day.

See the album of photos from the day.
We took some time to look at some of the bridges over the Garonne, and drew sketches of them.
a bridge that's not there any more
See the album of our bridge sketches.